Who We Are

Mannix, is a leading manufacturer of aluminum window products. Specializing in  Window Wall consisting of AW grade Windows and Doors. The Mannix product line has been time tested in one of the harshest construction environments possible, New York City. As a major supplier to the New York City high rise market,  Mannix products have been installed in 50 Story towers both residential and commercial. Our factory approved dealer network has installed windows throughout the country.

Architects,  Specifiers and Consultants rely upon the Mannix product line to achieve superior performance where it counts,  installed in the opening.  Our Engineering Department can adapt the Mannix product line to nearly any application.

Mannix as an Installation Company has learned through the years what is needed to assure that the product can easily be installed in the field. Extruded stems in the frame of each window and door allow ease of installation due to the many extruded aluminum anchors and twist on galvanized anchors available. An extensive assortment of sub-framings, mullions and trims are available for each series. These sophisticated features make Mannix the window manufacturer of choice for high-rise new construction.